Friday, September 14, 2018

6 Instagrammable Angles at Sentul Depot

As you may already know from my previous post, RIUH x GRAB Malaysia Day Weekend is kicking off this 15-16 Sept at the once decommissioned, off limited to public Sentul Depot. Sentul Depot in Sentul West has somewhat of an eventful history having survived a WWII bombing and is still the largest train depot in Malaysia. It currently occupies an estimated 5.2 hectares (13 acres) of land, Sentul Depot with a footprint of 200,000 square feet.  However as beautiful as it is and despite YTL Land's renovation and works, Sentul Depot has its untouched, un-rebuilt areas and corners, left in ruins since the bombing.

Even as the RIUH x Grab Malaysia Day Weekend takes place this weekend opening up Sentul Depot to the masses in decades, there will be sections and areas that will be blocked off for safety purposes. But fret not because there are some instagrammable angles you can try without endangering your life and without breaking the rules all for that Insta-worthy feed.


Let's start from the moment you arrive. The entrance of Sentul Depot is gorgerous and would be a waste to forgo, but don't forget to look around as well. To the side, you can glimpse a mix of YTL Land's past and present portfolios.

2) The Locomotive Assembly WORKSHOP
Meshing together a stark contrast of metal and bricks, the first section of RIUH x Grab is easy to overlook in favour of the stalls of local businesses set up there. But once you pause and look up, there it is.

3) The Main Locomotive Assembly AREA
From the warehouse, wander into the main area of the event where it was once known in the past as the main locomotive assembly area of the depot. The area is massive and a wide angle shot from ground up is great for capturing the detailing from floor to the beams to the ceiling and the event ambience. Hang out at the food stalls, activities and performances held in this massive hall or stroll back and forth snapping photos of its walls, corners and arches.

Which brings me to my next part.

4) OOTD backdrops 
Holy moly good golly. All the walls of the main assembly area just screams OOTD backdrop! My particular favourite is this two storey building that looks into the main hall, set with white and yellow brown wall sections and broken windows for character.

Get creative with your poses but do be mindful of your surroundings ya!

5) Framing Arches
'Eh eh! Cantik la babe tapi bahaya tau!'

As aforementioned, there are certain sections that the public are not allowed to enter for safety reasons. Which is a pity because those areas are beautiful. However you can still take pictures of it from the safety of the permitted areas by using the arches and windows to frame your shot. Not only will it look stunning, but the colour contrast when edited right, will be awesome!

And finally....

Pay attention to the walls, to the beams, to the rafters and to the overall design and you will see a perspective different from others.

If photo-taking is not your thing, don't worry! There are heaps of other things to do there too! And the best part is it's literally a cashless experience! That's right. All you need is your phone, powerbank and Grabpay app all loaded up to enjoy the food, shopping and fun activities that awaits you. You will also enjoy a RM3 discount off your purchases when you use Grabpay credits.

If you're heading there this weekend, take advantage of GRAB's event exclusive promo code: RIUHXGRAB and pay via Grabpay credits to enjoy an RM8 off two rides to/from Sentul Depot.

Dates: 15-16 September 2018
Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm
Entry Price:  FOC

Don't forget to hashtag your photos and videos on social media with #riuhinthecity #riuhinthedepot #mynewmalaysia #riuhxgrab #ytllands #sentuldepot

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