Wednesday, October 31, 2018

[11.11 Promo Galore!] SGshop - Your Taobao Agent in Malaysia

It's almost the end of the year and the season of parties and presents is fast approaching. So why wait until the last minute to shop when you can order anything and everything you need online. Out of the many online sites worldwide, Taobao is super popular amongst my friends because it's super cheap! You can get good quality fashionable pieces at reasonable rates. But the only downside for a banana (chinese who cannot read or speak chinese) like me, the site is in Chinese.

However fret no more as there is SGshop to help you with your shopping, order and delivery - all the way from Taobao in China right to your doorstep. If you're wondering what this means - just think of SGshop as your personal shopping agent between you and Taobao that orders, sorts, packs and mails out your purchase without the headache of you having to sieve through the bodies of Chinese text.

There are three options on SGshop depending on your shopping needs. Let me break it down for you.
1) Buy For Me - SGshop as your authorised agent will liaise with the Taobao seller for you and this involves the ordering, paying, inspection and delivery. You will only need to pick out your item(s)  and make a payment to SGshop.

2) Ship For Me - This option is beneficial if your shopping spree goes beyond Taobao and to other online shopping sites such as Amazon and Asos. Upon registration with SGshop, you will be given your free international forwarding address for you to insert into the order when you shop on each respective merchant site.

3) SmartShop - With this option, shoppers can benefit from the collaboration between SGshop and Taobao and get things at a much cheaper rate with 5x savings. SGshop will calculate everything for you from pricing, delivery, shipping and tax. With just one click, orders in your SmartShop cart will be processed with only a one time payment to SGshop.

Depending on your needs and budget, SGshop can help you with fulfilling your shopping wishlist. Now that you know what SGshop is, it's time to enjoy the 11.11 Treasure Hunt that await you on SHShop throughout November! 

Mark your dates throughout this month for multiple levels of promotions and games along the journey on SHshop.

Level 1 - Introducing “SHIOK!” Membership To You! 
Period: 1- 30 Nov 2018 
To kick off this event, SGshop is introducing the SHIOK! membership, a shipping incentive program for shoppers wanting to buy more for less. Shoppers can opt for a 1 month  (RM18.80) or 1 year subscription (RM188) and enjoy the following privileges:
- 30% Discount on International Shipping Fee for parcel weighed above 3KG.
- No maximum cap for discount, the more you ship, the more you save.
- No limitation for usage, you can ship with discount as many times as you want.
- Prioritizing order fulfilment, your orders will be handled ahead of others.
- Refer friends to get 100% rebate (in SGreward) for subscription fee upon successful referral. The more friends you refer, the more rebate you will earn!

Level 2 - Pre-order for 11.11 discounted items 
Period: 1-10 Nov 2018 
Enjoy 50% off on service charge for Buy For Me and Smartshop when you pref-order 11.11 sales items. Just remember to switch on the "Pre-order" option and order and paid within this period to enjoy this offer. Do take note however that promotion is not applicable if Pre-order item be consolidated with other order into the same parcel.

Level 3 - Buy One Get One Free within 2 hours! 
Period: 1 Nov 2018, 3-5pm 
For just two hours on 1 Nov, from 1500 hrs to 1659 hrs, place a  “Buy-for-me” Purchase Order. Then type “Flash Sale” in the product page Remark column to enjoy Buy One Free One for a single purchase below RM50.

But remember the following: 1) Customer shall bear both of the China Domestic Shipping Fee and the International shipping fee for both of the purchased item and free item; and 2) the word “Flash Sale” must be inserted in the remark column under product page, before it is added into the shopping cart;

Level 4 - Money Money Come!
Period:  2 - 10 Nov 2018
From 2 to 10 Nov, get back 1 SGreward Shard* for every RM1 spent on purchase order, service charge or international shipping fees. Members can check their SGreward balance at Member Center and refer SGreward for more information;
*Shards can be used to redeem SGreward at the conversion rate of 20 Shards = RM1 SGreward

Level 5 - Grab Lucky Red Packet to win SGrewards!
Period: 6 - 7 Nov 2018
Time to try your hand at the "Grab Your Lucky Red Packet!" game. You can play as many times as you want for free in 48 hours and stand chance to win SGreward worth RM10, RM5 or RM2) Prizes will be awarded at random.

Level 6 - Lucky Slot!
Period: 8-10 Nov 2018
Try your luck at the Lucky Slot game for a chance to win several big prizes. You have three entries a day from 8 to 10 Nov to walk away as winners. Prizes will be given away randomly and cashback RM100 SGreward is applicable for total spending up to RM500 in one purchase order.

International shipping discount is applicable for “Buy-for-me” and “Smartshop” only, enter the specific promo code when submitting the delivery order (2nd payment). Cash voucher is applicable to use for international shipping off, enter the specific promo code when submitting the delivery order (2nd payment);

Level 7 - Massive Product DISCOUNT and FREE Service Charge on 11.11!
Period: 11 Nov 2018 
Mark your dates for the special 11.11 offer with massive discounts on products and a 100% discount on service charge for Buy-For-Me and Smartshop! Just for one day only!

Level 8 - Surprise Non-stop with Free Service Charge!
Period: 12 - 15 Nov 2018 
Buy-For-Me and Smartshop users can enjoy free service charge when they place an order from 12 to 15 Nov 2018

SGshop reserves the right of final explanation towards the 11.11 Treasure Hunt games and activities.

So get your shopping wish list ready and log on to. today for some great deals this November! Start the hunt at here: Also don't forget to share your finds with these hashtags: #1111TreasureHunt #SGshop #20181111.

Happy Shopping!

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Angel Q said...

I love taobao shopping but yeh, the chinese can be a bitch to understand. Gonna give this sgshop a try.