Wednesday, October 24, 2018

#ZeroWaste with Mission Foods' Foldover Your Leftover Campaign!

For a nation that loves our food and have a tendency to over order, having leftovers are quite commons. Most of the time, we end up packing to it to-go (because hey, we paid for it) but there are times when it's just wasted. Did you know that we waste around 15,000 tones daily and that 20% of that wastage are untouched leftovers that are still edible?

No wonder my grandmother always used to lecture me about the starving children in Africa when I don't finish my food. To mark this year's World Food Day, Mission Foods has combined forces with Chef Sarah Benjamin to kick off the 'Foldover Your Leftovers' campaign. Revisiting the old saying, Waste Not Want Not, the campaign aims to inspire people to turn their leftovers into all new different meals with the help of Mission Foods.

Sarah will be spearheading the 'Foldover Your Leftovers' campaign by Mission Foods Malaysia with recipes and ideas available through social media, PSAs and a recipe booklet that comes with the purchase of Mission products. The launch event saw her using Mission Foods' wraps, naan and pita as the perfect canvas to create new meals from leftover meals such as Curries, Satay and Chicken Rice.

With a few simple steps, Sarah turned takeaway curry into a tasty chicken curry foldover with herbed summer veges stopped with mozzarella cheese. The result is this oozing mess:

This is but a few dishes Sarah has come up with for this mission as she hopes to encourage more people to come on board to become heroes of #ZeroWaste. She has produced 12 exciting recipes from leftovers that will be available in a limited edition booklet at all participating stores. The booklet is complimentary with every two Mission products purchased starting from November onward. So the next time you have leftover or takeover waiting in your fridge, don't throw them away. Step up to the plate and #FoldoverYourLeftovers.

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