Tuesday, October 2, 2018

5 Hidden Instagram-Worthy Spots in the Sydney CBD

I just got back from Sydney and much to the chagrin of my sister, found an city with so many instagrammable spots and buildings. I am bewildered at how blind I must have been on my first visit to Sydney two years ago! If my schedule wasn't packed with the wedding preparations of my best friend, I would have gone on a walking tour for Instagram all over the city center. But despite my limited time in Sydney, I managed to come across several Insta-worthy spots and locations in the heart of the CBD that can be accessed by foot or public transportation.

Keep reading until the end for my recommended route to hit all these places in one day.

1.Paddy's Markets, Haymarket 
I will be brutally frank. If you're from Asia, you will probably find this market is honestly meh with usual fake bags, caps, makeup, handphone stuff and costumes at exorbitant prices. Which is a pity because the building it's in was just beautiful from the outside. The market has a long history in Sydney which you can read about it here. Whether it's a shopping haven for tourist or not, it has several insta-worthy spots. Do take note though that it closes on Monday and Tuesdays and opens on other days from 10am - 6pm
Nearest train station: Central Station, 5 minutes walk

2. Angel Place

It's easy to miss this hidden spot between George Street and Pitt Street. Not too far from Strand Arcade and Westfield is an alley way filled with the haunting chirping of birds long gone from the city, their presence represented by the 120 empty bird cages that hang overhead. The artwork titled "Forgotten Songs is by Michael Thomas Hill. As day turns to night, the song changes with it to represent the nocturnal species that once lived in the area before being forced out by the European Settlement.
Nearest train station: Martin Place or Wynyard stations, 5 minutes walk

3. The Strand Arcade
A short walk from Angel Place is the only shopping mall of its kind in Sydney, originally built in the Victorian Era which maintained its original form today. Step through the original doors and wander the stairways to the third floor. All 104 metres is illuminated by natural sunlight beaming down from the skylight overhead, making it a stunning place for photos.
Nearest train station: Martin Place or Wynyard stations, 5 minutes walk

4. Circular Quay station 
Aside from being the transportation hub for trains, buses and ferries, Circular Quay's elevated train station also offers uninterrupted views of the city's most iconic landmarks - the Sydney Bridge and the Opera House. For the best view, head to Platform 1 or disembark from the train coming from Wynyard station.
Nearest train station: Circular Quay station

5. Museum of Contemporary Arts Australia
It's known as Australia's leading museum for a reason. With a dedication to exhibiting, interpreting and collecting contemporary art from across Australia and around the world, the museum has a constantly changing rotation of artists and exhibitions that covers paintings, sculpture and new media. And the best part - entrance to this instagrammable jem is free for all.
Nearest train station: Circular Quay station, 5 minutes walk.

Recommended CBD Course (by train, bus or on foot)
1.Morning - Afternoon Itinerary: Start at Paddy's Market before taking a leisurely stroll or board the train to the Strand Arcade and Angel Place. After grabbing a bite in the center of the city, take the train Circular Quay station from Wynyard station before heading to the Museum of Contemporary Arts Australia to wrap up the afternoon.

2. Afternoon - Evening Itinerary: Make Circular Quay station the start of your adventure and first stroll over to the Museum of Contemporary Arts Australia. Return to Circular Quay and take train or bus to Central station, a short walk from Paddy's Market. After grabbing a meal in Chinatown or Surry Hills, hop on board the train again to the Strand and also Angel Place.

Stay tune for more postings of Sydney!

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