Thursday, October 18, 2018

[Food Review] Indobowl Lakefield, Sg Besi

Ah Indomie. A favourite of many Malaysians. A close companion on many late nights when one is  low on cash and at the mamak. It seems fitting that Malaysia has a cafe that pays tribute to this instant noodle. The first outlet in Sungai Besi opened its doors three years ago while the newest branch in Subang SS15 was opened just last year to cater to Selangor residents and students nearby. I was recently invited to their Sungai Besi Lakefield outlet to try out their signature dishes and more. So much more.

There is something for everyone at Indobowl. From big groups to the solo eater, from the rice fan to the noodle lover, the menu is extensive. For group of 3 or 4 or just a big eater, there is the Indomie Mumbo Jumbo (RM59) and the Mumbo Jumbo Seafood (RM39.90). Both are great for sharing and offer a plethora of toppings and meat types atop a generous portion of Indomie cooked in two styles - dry and soup respectively.

photo credit: Isabel Lee
The Indomie Mumbo Jumbo comes with fried eggs, chicken mandura, lamb racks, chicken satay and rib eye steak. To spice things up, the sides are drenched with red, green and matah sambal.

The Mumbo Jumbo Seafood is reminiscent of the good old instant soup noodle with a raw egg cracked into the piping hot soup for a creamy texture. Swimming in a hot pot of soup is an assortment of seafood such as prawns, calamari and crab sticks. This dish was a pleasant surprise due to the tinge of citrus (lime, I am guessing) in the soup, giving it a refreshing twist for something so staple to the instant soup noodle lover.

Living up to its name, Indobowl also has bowls of instant noodle topped with many variety of meat cooked differently such as chicken satay, grilled chicken chop, salted egg yolk chicken, fried chicken, squid, prawn, rib eye steak and grilled beef. Out of all the dishes that I got to try at the food tasting, the one that really drew my attention was the Indomie Iga (RM18). This dish comes with about 4 pieces of beautiful braised beef short ribs that was fall-off-the-bone tender.

Of course to wash it all down, there is the house specialty drinks - Soda Gembira and Es Cendol available in regular (RM6) and giant size (RM8.90). Between the two, I prefer Soda Gembira to go hand in hand with the meal.

And what is a complete meal without desserts? Taking a step away from the Indomie-themed food, the menu will be welcoming RoPang (short for Roti Panggang) to the fold (price tbc). Kids and those with sweet tooth will enjoy the RoPang Cheese and RoPang Chocolate, toast topped with grated cheese and/or chocolate sauce. I rather like the little bite of RoPang Cheese I had before it was swiped by one of the brats kids that a blogger brought unannounced to the food review. Cis, rude much.

Photo credit: Isabel Lee
The menu at Indobowl is extensive with something for everyone. Apart of Indomie-based dishes, they also have the fried rice version. If you're looking for a lunch place to try out, then come for their lunch set meals that starts with RM8.90 inclusive of a free drink. This place is a must visit if you want a extra twist to your Indomie at a reasonable price. The best time to visit is on weekends as there is ample parking around Lakefield.

Photo credit: Isabel Lee
Psst: if it's your birthday, you get a free meal consisting of 1 Chicken Balabo Indomie or Ayam Madura Indomie or Indomie Dendang Balabo with a Soda Gembira. Just bring along your IC for verification.

Indobowl Lakefield, Sungai Besi
Address: 72, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Lake Fields, Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Indobowl SS15 Subang
Address: 66, Jalan SS 15/4C, SS15 47500 Subang Jaya

Hours: Daily 10:30am - 10pm
Phone: 019-542 6869

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