Saturday, January 12, 2019

Buy And Ship Your CNY Needs

Chinese New Year is just under a month away and it’s time to do some CNY shopping. Decorations, outfits and make up for every CNY open house and just about anything else to wow your visiting family and friends. If you’re like me, I bet you’re already scouring the internet for great shopping deals and I found some stellar make up deals from Elf Cosmetics from US. Less than RM50 for a makeup palette and brushes.

Now here’s the bad news. Like many US companies, Elf doesn’t ship outside of the US and even if they did, it would cost a bomb and I wouldn’t want to trouble or wait for friends to bring back my stuff. This is where a freight- forwarding service like BuyandShip ( comes in handy. 

Buyandship just landed in Malaysia last year and already offers shopping opportunities across seven different countries with warehouses available in US, UK, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. What caught my eye was their shipping charges was only RM15 per pound and that you can shop from multiple online stores, have them shipped to Buyandship’s warehouse to be consolidated before being delivered right to your doorstep. The shipping rates then applies to the consolidated package. 

It may seem complex at first but is surprisingly easy by just following the instructions provided in their tutorial. First time users also get 10 free credits which helps you save a little on shipping as 1 credit is the equivalent of RM1. For your easy reference, they have even listed down many online stores where you can order from on their site and is arranged according to country. With Buyandship, you can save heaps on shipping while taking advantage of international sales offered by those online retailers for hard-to-get items.


To start, one just needs to sign up at BuyandShip to obtain the warehouse addresses. The sign up process is simple with a two step verification via email and SMS. Once you’ve signed up, you will find your credits ready for your usage. 

From there, order your items as per usual but instead of inserting your house address as your delivery address, simply fill in the addresses from either US, UK, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. It’s real simple as Buyandship generates it for you. After getting the tracking number and shiping courier details by your online retailer, remember to declare your parcel on Buyandship’s site.

From there, you just need to wait for your items to be sent out to its respective warehouse. If you have multiple parcels, you can consolidate it into one at no extra charges. Key in your delivery address into your account, pay according to the weight and just sit back and wait. It’s only a 7-14 working days wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. It’s really just that simple.
I’ll be making an order for a couple of make up stuff on Elf and maybe from Amazon and once it arrives, I’ll update about my entire shopping experience with Buyandship! So stay tune.

If you got your international shipping list ready and wants to save on delivery to Malaysia, then click away at this link to start shopping ->


Aida said...

Hm, kinda slow in getting my order but at least i got my stuff from US!

Ning said...

Emergaaaaardddddd...20+ year old here squealing like a moron but i am so excited to go on a shopping spree from japan and korea! This service is so useful!