Saturday, January 19, 2019

Instagrammable Fruit Desserts at Namelaka Patisserie, Bangsar

Bangsar continues to be the area to head on to for desserts with new dessert specialist Namelake joining the neighborhood. By now, you would have come across their incredibly life-like fruit desserts all over Instagram and why not? Their desserts were oh so very pretty and most importantly, an interesting treat to the palate.

To be clear, Namelaka doesn't serve cakes but rather handcrafted fruit based desserts using fresh cream and white chocolate. Its name Namelaka actually means smooth in Japanese (なめらかな) to represent the creamy texture of their current five fruit series. The desserts are made fresh daily and any leftovers are disposed off at the end of the day to ensure its freshness and quality.

At first glance, their desserts look like the fruits they were created from with no crust or fancy plating to pull focus from the centerpiece. A thin layer of white chocolate ganache coats and holds the shape for the fresh cream that encases the fillings of real fruits in the center of each dessert fruit. For the best experience, a single bite should contain a little chocolate coating, ganache montee and the filling. There is even an order as to how to eat the desserts should you decide to order the entire range of five fruits according to the staff. 

Much like sushi, it's recommended to start with the one with a lighter taste and at Namelaka, that would be either be the Green Apple  or Orange. The Green Apple (RM19) comes with apple ganache montee, apple gel, fresh apple cubes mixed with dill for a refreshing twist while the Orange (RM21) is wrapped with chocolate with a filling of orange ganache montee, orange gel, marmalade, fresh orange segments and for slightly spicy kick, timut pepper. 

From there, move on to the most visually appealing one of the bunch, the Pear (RM21). From the outside it looks exactly like a nicely ripped pear and its combination of pear ganache montee, gel and soft pear cube. It offers a nice reprieve before moving on to the strong taste profiles of the Passionfruit and Lemon. Now personally I found the Passionfruit (RM23) to be my favourite out of the five as it had an unique layer of ginger cutting across the sourness of the passionfruit filling. Its purple skin as well was close to the original fruit with the bumps and curves that makes it an eye-catcher for the gram especially with the filling oozing out.

As vibrant as the Lemon (RM23) is, it was also their most potent with a instant sourness that hits the tongue with a wake up call to the brain. Love it or hate it, the Lemon is Namelaka's bestseller offering a mixture of lemon ganache montee, gel, lemon marmalade, fresh lemon segments and for that extra twist, mint leaf. While not my favourite of the bunch, I would recommend pairing with a cup of coffee to help balance out the sourness.

Namelaka serves nicely brewed coffee in transparent double-walled cups with equally Instagrammable latte art. Prices range from RM8 to RM 15. If coffee is not your thing, then fret not because their house specialty is in fact their fruit mocktail range. Each equally refreshing and priced at RM13, it would take a couple of tries to find out which dessert goes with what and what suits your tastebuds.

During our review session, we were also treated to a sneak peek of their new creation, the Rubic Cube (RM220), a party cake presented in 25 bite-size cubes in orange, apple, lemon, pear and passionfruit. As of now, no news yet on its availability to the public but it sure does look like it would fit right into any Chinese New Year gathering.

The entire cafe boasts a minimalist concept with plenty of natural lighting pouring in from its windows facing Telawi. Be it for your OOTD shots or food photos, you are sure to be able to satisfy your IG feed as well as your sweet tooth at Namelaka.

Namelaka Patisserie
Address: No 34-1, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar (located above KK Mart and below Monarchy Gym)
Tel: 03-2201 3241
Hours: Sun- Thurs: 1130am - 8pm,
            Fri - Sat: 1130pm - 10pm
           (closed on wed)

Disclosure: This was an invited review but all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. 

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