Tuesday, January 8, 2019

[Interior Design] Picking the Right Belgium Fabrics for Your Lifestyle

Have you ever given thought to the kind of fabrics in your home? It’s not just about the curtain or sofa covers but rather a blend of colour, texture and practicality. Fabric can be used to frame, pull out or accent your decor or theme. One thing you may have noticed about interior designing is that designers always work around a combination of fabrics to achieve a certain look and feel of a room. 
Picking the right fabric and colour can be tricky as there are so many to pick from and can be mindboggling to figure out what works for your home and most importantly your lifestyle. Before you choose your fabric, ask yourself some simple questions about the use of the space. Things like:

• What will the space be used for?
• Will it be a high traffic area?
• Will it be used regularly or just when guests come over?
• What type of light does the room have?
• Do you have any pets?
• Do you have any children?

Your lifestyle should play a part in your fabric choice. Surely you do not want silk curtains when you have children eating snacks and drawing in the room or pets running around your bedroom. You also wouldn’t want a leather chair in a room with a lot of direct sunlight. The combinations of texture, colour and practicality are endless nowadays. Acacia has a myriad of collections and styles you can consider when trying to identify a certain look for your space and here are a few of them.

1. Contrast Tones

By playing around with contrasting textures, fabric and colours, you can bring forth a stylish look with little effort to your rooms. Mix marble with plaid patterns in a silk-look yarn dye to employ a sense of simplicity to the furniture in your study cum guest room. The constrasting tones of Acacia’s Delegate collection can emphasize the dual-purpose nature of these rooms be it a place of work or rest.

2. All Natural Zen 

Consider this for your bedroom - all natural sunlight spilling upon lightweight fabric that breathes easy against your skin. With a room that takes inspiration from zen simplicity, all your worries will just melt away at the bedroom door as you turn in for the night and wake up afresh. The Motion collection takes this a step further with a fabric that is woven to look like natural linen right down to the slight bumpy texture.

3. Wood and Rattan Feel

Achieve a back to nature or outdoorsy look for your patio or kitchen with Acacia’s Aviator collction. Introduce hints of rugged-styled basket weave texture into these high traffic spaces with tri-tone details. Acacia’s Aviator’s versatile and sustainable style keeps your busier space feeling clean.

4. Timeless and Resilient

Arm your living room’s furniture with a boncle rough texture blended with an interesting tri-tone combination. Durable yet timeless in style, Acacia’s Omni offers a timeless design that is one of the most popular amongst families.

5. Basic Contemporary

When in doubt, go for basic colour blocking to spurce up your living room. Think dual-tone rugged basket weave in warm vibrant colours like yellow and orange to bring some energy to your living space. Acacia’s Gent collection can do just that effortlessly.

Once you have an idea as to what kind of fabric works for you, swing by Acacia Fine Fabrics. Acacia’s fabric creations are created mindfully to evoke individuality and strength in each home. You can check out this article for more inspirational design ideas from Acacia. 

Acacia Fine Fabrics offers a myriad of coloours, textures from bold prints, clean-cut stripes to rich colour palettes and sheers. Their range of fabric spans to include plains, jacquards, embroidered, embellished, silk, linen and cotton to suit your needs For more information about Acacia, log on to https://www.acaciafabrics.com/en

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