Monday, July 8, 2019

Detox Week 2: Royal Valens™ Letitgo, Fitunix and Qinova review way overdue week 2 review of Royal Valens™ detox programme.

Things has been hectic since my last review of the detox programme due to the many many papers I had to mark as part of my job as a part time lecturer, that and resisting the urge to turn some of the aforementioned papers into kitty litter. Yeah, that bad. Anyway, long story short: I haven't lost weight since dropping to 68kg but I have lost inches from my tummy and boobs and I feel amazingly... energetic and overall less cranky.

The second week of taking the Royal Valens™ Letitgo powder was easier than Week 1, probably because I was off bootcamp for that week for the Raya holidays and could schedule my workouts around my detoxing and vice versa. Of course, there were days when I didn't take the detox powder as I knew a tummy ache would be inconvenient. I didn't think the Cheras people will take kindly to me shitting detoxing on Apeksan hill amidst the wild boars and monkeys.

I ate, slept and went out as per normal and even when I was on my period that week, the detox didn't leave me with any negative side-effects as far as I could tell. Instead, I was less moody, hormonal and didn't suffer from the usual cravings or mood swings thanks to Fitunix and Qinova. Cramps were minimal which could also be attributed to me drinking more water during this time.

While most of the time I would take Letitgo the night before to stimulate my bowels in the morning, there was one day when I took it after lunch in the mall and had to scamper off to find a toilet an hour later. Yep, it's that efficient and effective.

I would recommend these products if you're looking for a way to get some maintenance done for your digestive and bowel systems and want to drop some weight. Given as you will be running to the toilet more often than usual, it is not something to take daily.

For my review on the taste of the Royal Valens™'s  product, click on over to week 1. 

*Products were sponsored but this entire experience and review is unbiasedly my own.

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