Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Support Responsible Fashion with Batik Boutique during this MCO

Batik Boutique ushers the Spring season with stylish brights in punchy and bold batik prints that are irresistibly chic and sassy. Hand-crafted by skilled artisans, the pop of colours are just what we need to add cheer to these uncertain times. They want to offer a ray of colours that fit your personality - from apparels to accessories to unique corporate gifts . Batik Boutique also supports the worldwide call to a Fashion Revolution where we believe in a fashion industry that values three P's - people, planet, and profit (#imadeyourclothes).

“Batik Boutique believes that fashion can create opportunities to provide skills so that people can lift themselves out of poverty, create thriving communities, and fulfill their personal aspirations. We hold on to these values by engaging local artisans and seamstresses to produce our products, while providing fair living wage incomes. When you purchase from Batik Boutique, you’re supporting 5-10 artisans for each product.”says Amy Blair, Founder and CEO of Batik Boutique.

“In addition to social impact, Batik Boutique is also always doing our best to manufacture using low-waste principles. We incorporate eco-friendly practices like using low-impact dyes and by turning excess fabric into accessories. Be part of the Fashion Revolution global movement calling for a fairer, safer, cleaner, more transparent fashion industry by supporting local ethical brands like Batik Boutique. Knowing who made your clothes (#whomadeyourclothes) is the first step in transforming the fashion industry. And you can feel good about your purchases when a brand like ours can answer We Made Your Clothes !” added Blair.

Batik Boutique’s Spring collection adds cheerfulness especially in times of a crisis we currently experience globally. The Shibori bangles (eco-dyed in shibori silk wrap and wrapped on hand-carved wood) come in various colours and it packs a punch of vibrancy to your staples.

Since most of us are working from home, our relaxed cotton PJ Shorts which are hand-blocked in batik by local artisans guarantees comfort and style, without compromising its sustainability. Batik Boutique’s best-selling Kimono is one of the best ways to support ethical and sustainable fashion as it can be styled in many ways and a must-have piece when stuck in restrictive movement. It is lightweight therefore it offers maximum comfort!. Made of hand-painted silk cotton, this versatile piece is a perfect apparel to unleash your creativity when dressing up for different occasions, including playing up your stay-at-home wardrobe. It is definitely a go-to piece when you want an instant update; whether it’s for a quick getaway after the MCO is lifted, layering with traditional outfit combos during Raya, or getting your essentials in your favourite basics.

Aside from that, Batik Boutique also offers a variety of bright coloured gifts like tumblers, pouches and passport holders which make a great impactful gift for corporates, especially to your clients and colleagues who are working remotely or need a bit of encouragement for their day. Surprise a friend with a care package of these unique batik gifts to say you’re thinking of them and to brighten their day. Stay healthy at home and enjoy activities that celebrate Malaysia heritage like our Batik Kit - a printed design with wax, batik dyes and cardboard frame or Batu Seremban - a set of hand-made pouch with 5 stones which the pouch can even be reused as a tiny clutch or to store jewelleries. These activities will definitely keep the kids and you entertained.

During this time of movement control order, Batik Boutique are still moving forward to do their best to support artisans in Malaysia. Please consider shopping online (FREE shipping within Malaysia) as these gifts bring you the best in sustainable and fair trade fashion while they continue to employee and train artisans in Malaysia.

Stay safe, shop with purpose, and #staywell!

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