Tuesday, April 21, 2020

16 Ways to Travel without Travelling with Tourism Selangor

With the raising number of cases of Covid-19 and the strict movement control order regulation implemented in Malaysia and some other parts of the world, travelling plans have to be put on hold and prior travel bookings have to be cancelled or postponed. Bound to stay home, now is the time for us to take this opportunity to travel through virtual experiences and let the mind wonder through the beauty of your travel destinations. Let’s look at some ideas on how you can make yourselves travel without even leaving home.

1. Travel into Tourism Selangor’s official website Selangor.travel for interesting places to visit in all the 9 districts of the heart of Malaysia. 

2. Wonder into all of Selangor’s travel stories on https://selangor.travel/travel-stories/ for ideas on your next short getaway you can do just after the lift of the MCO. 

3. Have a romantic date at the Shah Alam Gallery by going on an online tour through videos on their website https://galerishahalam.com/video/

4. Surf into travel booking websites for the best hotel deals and getaway packages to boost your holiday spirit! 

5. Experience splendid Selangor through the Selangor Community Host video on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MnIpiIS2VM and while you are at it, subscribe to Tourism Selangor’s channel. 

6. Dive into Menarik di K. Selangor videos on YouTube for an exciting and wholesome travel experience into the historical town of Kuala Selangor https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQq_PVNeKlbyyfTc1mnJXXw

7. Get hyped by checking out Sunway Lagoon’s website https://sunwaylagoon.com/ for the best theme park experience and catch amazing deals for your next planned visit! 

8. Enjoy food being delivered to your doorstep from the finest restaurants and cafes in Selangor https://selangor.travel/20-best-eateries-with-takeaways-and-delivery-services-in-selangor/

9. Stay in and have a beautiful spread of breakfast in bed filled with some of Selangor’s favourite like the old school kopitiam coffee, soft boiled eggs and fresh toasts covered with butter and kaya! 

10. Be inspired and turn your bedroom into a sweet escape with white linens and fresh towels just like in world-class hotels. 

11. Meals at home doesn’t always have to be dull. Keep it exciting by having an indoor picnic with your loved ones! 

12. What’s more romantic than star gazing while having a movie night at home. 

13. If you love to travel for food – whip up some of Selangor’s must try local dishes at home. Here are some ideas of food you can try googling for recipes https://selangor.travel/15-must-try-dishes-in-selangor-in-2020/

14. Or for those of you who are missing your mother’s home cooking – get into the kitchen and recreate some of your favourite childhood dishes. 

15. Create a travel itinerary diary of your top places to visit. List everything down to where, when, ticket price, accommodation, budget, clothing, restaurants especially if you have a special diet or looking for halal food and your how to get about. 

16. Print out the world map and mark on the places you have been to and places you would like to visit. Get creative and start small by doing it on the map of Selangor!

   For more information, check out www.selangor.travel

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