Thursday, June 11, 2020

Adventure awaits us in Malaysia's Backyard with Sedunia Travel

The final day has finally arrived when the government has opened up interstate travelling to Malaysia. While it still means I can't go back to my Kampung aka Japan, it does open up the country for economic recovery and an opportunity for people to explore their own country aka their own backyard.
Why travel so far when we have stunning pristine beaches just a quick drive or flight away? Hm, I might just hop on a flight to Kuching to get my fill of Sarawak Laksa. But with a limited budget and leave days, a weekend trip seems like a better idea for now. Ready to take Malaysians on an adventure with the introduction of their domestic travel campaign, In MY Backyard, Sedunia Travel has a plethora of local travel packages that showcases the beauty and appeal of our very own country.

With a colourful blend of history and culture, stunning natural attractions, exciting vibrant cities and mouth-watering local cuisine across its many states, Malaysia is a hidden gem just waiting to be rediscovered once more during this time. Sedunia Travel is excited to show travellers what Malaysia has to offer through the In My Backyard campaign. A series of articles featuring Malaysia’s famous laksa, Island Getaways and more have been curated to inspire Malaysians to see and explore their own country. These are available on The Malaysian Traveller for traveller’s reading pleasure.

Sedunia Travel’s social media channels will also be filled with fun filters, videos, postings, quizzes and photos from fellow travellers and partners to highlight Malaysia’s many hidden treasures. Travellers are encouraged to follow and hashtag #MYBackyard #SeduniaTravel in their travel photos to spread more inspiration and joy amongst fellow Malaysians in the coming months as Malaysia comes together to recover its local tourism.

For all our talk of #kitajagakita, it's time to keep on doing just that and help our nation recover by travelling domestic. But of course, it doesn't mean we should neglect the new norm. Our frontliners have worked tirelessly for the wellbeing of the entire nation in the past few months and we want to thank them for their efforts. It’s now up to the citizens of Malaysia to uphold their good efforts even when they are travelling.

Bookings can be made via website booking, email at or call at 03 2148 4566. Walk-ins are not permitted at the moment. For more information, travellers can go to the official Sedunia website. Apart from a variety of local travel packages covering Penang, Sabah, Sarawak and many more destinations, travellers can also check out Sedunia Travel’s Facebook page and blog, The Malaysian Traveller for travel tips, destination inspirations and recommended itineraries.

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