Sunday, June 21, 2020

Food Review: Tealive x Walls Bobalicious Ice Cream - Genius or Meh?

Who here is as crazy about Boba tea as I am? While the boba craze may have come and gone and come and gone again, I will always say that Tealive is easily one of my go-to bubble tea brands. It's certainly more reasonable than many boba brands and easily available in malls and at petrol stations.

So when it was announced that Tealive would be collaborating with my childhood ice-cream brand, Walls, of course I couldn't resist heading out to the nearest 7-Eleven to buy a stick or two...or four of the new Walls x Tealive Bobalicious ice-cream.

First impressions? It's not as sweet as the original Tealive bubble tea but it did have that distinctively tea-rrific taste. Best of all, was the pearls aka bobas. Although hard at first, they get nice and chewy after a while, great for those who love chewing their ice-cream rather than licking it.  I highly recommend letting it thaw out a little before consuming.

My mum loves it. She loved it so much she ordered 15 sticks on Lazada. It's simple, refreshing on a hot day and cheaper than even Tealive's own boba tea drink. Plus they had free delivery for a minimum spend of RM15 and comes with a very cute Walls' cooler bag.

You can make your order at Wall's Official Store on Lazada and they will even deliver it to you in a Wall's fridge truck to ensure freshness of your ice cream stash. Delivery however might take a day to three to arrive so make sure to have it delivered to somewhere with someone to receive it be it office or home. It's RM33 for 15 sticks and RM66 for 30 ice cream sticks. If you're lucky, you will even get a free special gift. 

Be sure to hashtag #BobaJeLAH if you're enjoying this yummy ice cream. Price for a single stick starts at RM2.20 to RM2.70 and can be found at 7 Eleven, petrol stations and major supermarkets. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting deals on Wall’s website ( or follow Wall’s Malaysia on Facebook (

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Anonymous said...

Walls bubble tea with pearls popsicles do not look like the pic on box and no pearls. Tastes horrible