Saturday, January 7, 2023

Starbucks Seoul Wave Art Center on the Han River, Seoul

The Han River in Seoul is home to one of the more unique Starbucks in South Korea. Taking up 2 storey within the floating Seoul Wave Art Center at Hangang Park, the Starbucks here offers stunning views of the river and surrounding areas with the city skyline in the distance. 
The interior takes advantage of the full windows for natural lighting and amazing views from dawn to dusk. However, be warned that it can get pretty warm inside during the day especially by the windows. But if you're one for the views then a little heat is worth it. Seating is limited at peak hours with the window seats being snatched up fast but fret not because the upstairs floor is pretty cool too, looking down on the entire cafe. 

For those prone to motion sickness, you won't feel the gentle rocking of the building on water and at best will only feel it on the walkway bridge entering the Seoul Wave Art Center. You can always take your drink to go and settle on a park bench to enjoy the view of the iconic Starbucks from a distance. 

There are plenty of things to do along the Han River especially cycling and taking in the natural eco-system of the place. Psst, for fans of Lee Jae Wook, the korean star has made it known that cycling along the Han River is one of his favourite pastimes and who knows you might run into him during your trip there. 

Tip: try to time your visit in the afternoon so that you can also catch the Rainbow bridge illumination on the Banpo bridge just a quick 10 minutes walk away. 

Getting there
The nearest train station to the floating Starbucks is Jamwon station. It's a straight 10-15 minutes walk.

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