Thursday, February 2, 2023

Qatar Airways Business Class Review [KL - DOHA]

I was assigned to a work trip to Qatar to create social media content and got to enjoy a one way business class experience onboard Qatar Airways from Kuala Lumpur to Doha. I have ascended as a traveller *cue the angel's singing*

My group was initially in economy, which I didn't mind since I have heard nothing but praises for Qatar Airways. It was my first time too on Qatar Airways so I was excited to experience it. But when we got to the departure gate, we found out that we had gotten an upgrade to business class. 

Cue silent screaming, aka my group in the departure lounge as we took boomerang videos of our boarding passes in a circle. Yeh, we were millennials. 

We were greeted by our surnames upon boarding and were offered a selection of welcome drinks while waiting for the flight to be loaded. Following a tip from my colleague, I ordered a slightly more complicated drink than what was offered - A mimosa. 

Why? Because it helps the flight attendant remember you better as the weirdo who ordered an alcoholic drink at 9am. But a mimosa was exactly what I got. While sipping on my adult orange juice, I felt a flutter of excitement as I browsed through the food and beverage menu and the wine list. 

Suddenly 7 hours seemed like such a short flight. 

While the plane was taxing, I started playing around with my seat and amenities. An amenity kit by iconic French Perfumer Diptyque was waiting for us at our seats when we board. I chucked it into my carry on for keeping. 

The business class layout was spaced out in 2x2x2 and even though I had a window neighbour, there was enough space between my seat and the screen in front for her to walk out of her seat without me needing to get up. So convenient especially when I am all flat out in recline, wrapped up in their cosy duvet and nestled by their pillows. 

My initial plan was to stay awake to fully enjoy the experience but I was quickly lulled into a nap by the comfort of my chair. It was just a short nap though because about an hour in, the first course meal was served. 

Food, I will admit were a hit and miss for me. Half the menu was curated by Chef Wan but unfortunately it was those dishes that failed to impress. The only meal I enjoyed and finished was the laksa soup which was basically laksa meehoon stew. The lamb kuzi and mango creme brulee by Chef Wan did not impress me. 

Fortunately, I had a free flow snack access and quickly ordered popcorn and chocolate. My ever wonderful attendant, Rose even came back twice to offer me the popular snacks and told me to help myself. Well, don't mind if I do! Psst, the snacks were freaking delicious and perfect for mid-flight noms. 

All seats were equipped with an entertainment system but I didn't find the selection to my liking. The only show I watched in rapid succession was the Goldbergs and even then, I was fell asleep. Good thing I had my iPad ready and loaded with kdramas from Netflix. 

Throughout the flight, I enjoyed a cup of chai tea with saffron and a glass of the most delicious dessert wine I have ever tasted. Gotta stay hydrated of course and our seats had a storage with bottled water. Our attendants also kept checking in on us with sparkling water as well. 

From the moment we board to the second we got off the flight, my first time experience in Business Class was perfect thanks to the onboard staff's impeccable service. And this wasn't even the legendary QSuite category.

It was easy to see why Qatar Airways was award-winning and Skytrax's Airline of the year for 7 years running and the World's Best Business Class winner as well. And what a privilage it was to be able to experience it in person. 

Like I said, a 7 hour flight had never felt so short.

Qatar Airways, I always open for a review to try your QSuite and First Class categories - free of charge. Just putting it out there. 


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