Friday, April 7, 2023

[Roku Gin Spring Cocktails] Honeydew at Rakh

Honeydew melons have been cultivated for thousands of years and prized for its tender juicy flesh and rich sweetness. The fruit requires warm and sunny weather to grow, and is typically harvested in summer, in its “shun”. This is when they are at the peak of flavour – they produce a distinct rich floral sweetness with a delicate musky aftertaste. These flavours are perfect to elevate a Roku cocktail.

Rakh’s first Roku Melon cocktail (RM 55) is made with melon, wakame distillate, manchino Sakura, yuzu and soda cream syrup for a sweet and savoury finish. The second Roku Melon cocktail (RM 50) is infused with ulam raja that presents a lemon-like taste with notes of mango, combined with champagne acid and seltzer for a refreshing cocktail. The third Roku Melon (RM 50) pairing blends barbecued melon rind distillate, Midori melon, fennel basil distillate, and modern lime as a kicker tippler.

Akhshar Chalwadi, the Director of Rakh expresses that, “To me, “Shun” means the right amount of sweetness and brightness added to the cocktail when it is at the peak of its flavours. The delicate yet robust flavour is what makes Roku Gin unique and perfect for the style of our melon-inspired cocktails.”

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