Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Roasted Duck at BBQ Kong Meng Restaurant, Cheras

It has been so long since I've done a food post simply because there are just too many food blogs out there that are more substantial than mine. But for this restaurant, I am making an exemption because it was just that good.

I came across BBQ Kong Meng restaurant purely by chance. We had just gone on a shopping spree at Jalan Jalan Japan in the nearby 1 Shamelin Mall and were famished for lunch by the time we were done. I consulted TripAdvisor on the nearest decent eatery to our location and immediately drove to Taman Maju Jaya, just five minutes away.

Even though it was already 2pm, the place was still packed with a constant flow of people coming in throughout the afternoon. Sharing tables is a common practice and so is a 30 minutes wait for the food. While waiting for our food, we observed the table across us where the mother single-handledly consumed half of their whole roasted duck by hand. The other half she had it to go, probably for dinner. It had us wondering if it was really that good. Then the food came and it was Hallelujah, praise the Lord!

BBQ Kong Meng was one of those places that had me singing praises for its delicious juicy roasted duck from the very first bite. I was instantly inspired to do a blog post on this place! Priced at RM 32 for half a duck, we all agreed that the roasted duck was well worth the drive - the skin was crispy without a thick layer of oily fat, the flesh juicy and tender without that overwhelming seven spice flavouring that a lot of duck rice places have. The duck is bathed in hot oil before being served, bringing out the crunchiness of the skin and flavours.

The housemade chilli sauce was another surprise for it was delicious. I usually don't take chilli sauce with my anything but this sauce had me dousing my rice and duck with it. It was more on sweet side with tangy zest finish to compliment the meat. Apparently they add lime skin into the mix for a citrus flavour. If they were selling it in bottles, I would buy one and carry it with me everywhere.

We also ordered the small plate of roasted pork (RM20) which wasn't too bad. The skin had a good crunch to it and the meat was tender enough. But what surprised me was their sotong (RM20) cooked in a mix of soy sauce and chill and it was superb.

BBQ Kong Meng closes on Wednesdays and doesn't serve roasted pork on Mondays. It opens from 11am to 7pm. From what I understand, it's jam pack on weekdays so best to come early on weekends. You can also call ahead to place your order for takeaway.

BBQ Kong Meng restaurant
Address: No 11 Lorong Bunga Melati 2A
Taman Maju Jaya
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9282 4818
Hours: 11am - 7pm, closed on Mondays.
BBQ Kong Meng restaurant can be found on Waze.

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