Thursday, August 19, 2021

ACELABS Lumiere Diamond range, a Girl's new Best Friend

As they say, diamonds are a girl's best friend. And even more when said diamonds can be applied for those yearning for radiant and youthful skin. 

Inspired by the rising trend of diamond-infused cosmetics, ACELABS has recently introduced its Lumiere Diamond Skincare, a skincare range that uses REAL diamond powder. What sets the new range apart from many, is its instant “soft-focus” effect, which leads to brighter, younger, and smoother-looking skin.
Immediately, the appearance of shadows, wrinkles, pores, pigmentations, and discolorations are diminished. Paired with the cosmeceutical approach of using science-backed and clinically proven bioactive ingredients such as enzymes, minerals, probiotics, and other boosters, the Lumiere Diamond Skincare range is perfect for those aiming for soft and radiant skin. 

This is one diamond you can add to your person without breaking the bank. The benefits of ACELABS Diamond Powder:
  • Soft-focus, luminous radiance: scatters blue and green light to diminish the appearance of skin imperfections.
  • Cruelty-free & certified-Fair Trade: ethically sourced from South Africa, then ground into micronised powder in New York.
  • 100% functional & safe for skin: a unique polymerisation process makes ACELABS Diamond Powder safe to use on skin without causing irritation.
  • Gentle exfoliation: ultra-fine particles smooth away roughness and uneven patches, helping active ingredients penetrate better.
ACELABS Lumiere Diamond Skincare range also focuses on intelligent and effective S.M.A.R.T functionality to tackle skin concerns:
  • Soothes damaged skin from ageing and stress;
  • Moisturises up to 8 hours of Triple Water Lock System;
  • Anti-aging effects by stimulating ‘youth proteins’;
  • Regenerates skin with fermentation-derived booster;
  • Texture like velvet that sinks in immediately without heavy feeling.
The new ACELABS Lumiere Diamond Skincare range consists of five products to create a holistic skincare routine for your facial needs. 

Lumiere Rebalancing Diamond Drop (RM169/30ml): This intensive brightening ampoule, formulated with the power of Probiotics, helps to maintain your skin’s ecosystem. Derived from fermentation, the live microorganisms in probiotics restore skin’s tolerance, balance, firmness, and hydration. Fast-absorbing micro-oil particles and Hyaluronic Acid moisturise skin’s deeper layers for a revitalised complexion.

Lumiere Low PH Diamond Essence Cleanser (RM49/100ml): This brightening essence-like cleanser brightens skin while refining its texture with natural enzymes like Papain and Bromelain. The friendly low-pH formula does not strip skin of its natural moisture, delivering a comfortable cleanse every time.

Lumiere Diamond Essence (RM89/100ml): Optimise your skin with this low-pH brightening essence toner, which rebalances dry, tired skin while improving skin’s natural radiance. Formulated with hydrating Trehalose and soothing Allantoin, a veil of hydration protects skin from ageing, stress, and moisture loss.

Lumiere Diamond Cream (RM159/60ml): This brightening moisturiser provides advanced skin radiance, instantly reducing the appearance of dark circles, pigmentation, and discolouration. Formulated with a Triple Water Lock System (lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, ceramide) to maintain skin’s suppleness throughout the day.

Lumiere Diamond Luminous Intense Brightening Mask (RM99/28ml): Indulge in this brightening sheet mask to revive skin’s true radiance, featuring a harmony of ingredients like Diamond, Peony, and Rose. 100% natural cellulose sheet hugs your facial contours delicately as you relax and enjoy the ultra-nourishing essence, for an instant brightening and radiance effect after usage.

ACELABS Lumiere Diamond Skincare is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive complexions. All ACELABS products are made without harmful ingredients like parabens, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, triethanolamine, SLS, and SLES. They are also dermatologically tested to be non-allergenic and non- comedogenic.

ACELABS Lumiere Diamond Skincare range is now available exclusively at Guardian stores and online at, ACELABS official website at, ACELABS LazMall Flagship Store and ACELABS Shopee Flagship Store. 

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