Thursday, May 12, 2022

[Review + Promo code!] Sudio E2 armed with Dirac's Spatial Audio

I am back with another round of earbuds reviewing thanks once again to Sudio.

 Sudio's latest wireless earbud collection, the E2 has a lot to offer all packed up in one compact box with the choice of four colours that lets those around you immediately know that those are not Airpods - black, grey, sand and jade.

 On top of its hybrid active noise cancellation and wireless charging, the Sudio E2 also offers a surround sound experience as part of its collaboration with Dirac. This create a special Spatial Audio effects on any track on the Sudio E2 and brings theater-like sound from the music or video you're watching, so that sound seems like it's coming from all around you and the Sudio E2 does this with only two speakers.

But before I go further into the technical aspect, let's talk about the aesthetics. Since coming across the Studio T2, I have been a fan of the matte rubbery finish for better grip and was glad to find that it carried over into the new E2. Similarly with the magnetic clasp that keep the lid close and the earbuds secure no matter how much turbulence and shaking my bag and person goes through. The only thing that would have made it a tad better was having a loop to keep it secured in my bag like what the T2 had.

But thankfully, my choice of Jade makes it easy to spot it in my black hole of a bag. I am a simple user, often out on runs, now resuming travelling, watching videos either on my phone or laptop and attending meetings online. It's important for me that the Sudio E2 can compliment my lifestyle as well as the T2 had and is currently still doing so. 

Now on to the more technical stuff - the sound quality is pretty good. As it should be since they have partnered up with Dirac. The aforementioned Spatial Audio does wonders for the video watching experience and several times, I found myself looking around to see if the sounds came from my surroundings. 

Sudio has always had good Active Noise Cancellation and this time the Hybrid ANC in E2 had the chance to go up against a wailing baby on a 6 hours flight from Korea to Kuala Lumpur. With a 5.5 battery span with ANC on, it made my flight more bearable although there were times when it failed to filter out the high pitched scream of the baby. But any below that decibels of noise, the ANC takes care of it properly. 

In the Transparency mode, the Sudio E2 amplifies the ambient sound a little more than the Sudio T2, but it still sounds natural and not artificially amplified. So when you enable it during music playback mode, the surrounding sound will not overpower the music except for very loud noises like road traffic or someone shouting. Perfect for safety reasons when I am out running. 

In meetings and on work calls, I noticed I did not have to raise my voice in a noisy environment thanks to the Sudio E2's VividVoice technlogy. Using dual- beanforming microphones, it isolates my voice and filters out the rest thus making the distinction between noise and voice much clearer. 

Another plus of the E2 above the T2 is the voiceover when you switch between modes. Unlike the T2 which uses chimes, you’re told which mode you’re on so you can say bye bye to guessing which mode you're on just by listening. It's a small added feature but a nice change that adds to the overall user experience. 

And speaking of positive user experience, if you order your Sudio E2 now, you will also receive a complimentary Sudio Ladd+ wireless charger. On top of that, you can enjoy 15% off when you use my promo code: SUGOIE2 on your purchase. 

The Sudio E2 is priced at RM589 and comes in Sand, Black, Electric Grey, and Jade. For more information or to order the Sudio E2, check out Sudio Website and be sure to follow their Facebook, and Instagram for more news and product announcements. 

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