Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy 1st Anniversary, Happy Days!

Has it been a year already?

Wow, that was fast. Exactly a year ago, I posted up my first post about pork noodles (being the food lover that I am) and hence begun my pathway into the social media scene. Looking back, I can see how far my blog has come and how many doors it has opened up for me.

For one thing, it has made me try out more new things, go to different places and allowed me to meet all sorts of weird and wonderful people. And for that, I am grateful to my blog.

It had initially started out as a means for me to write like how I used to write when I was with a magazine and at the same time, have the freedom to explore and expand my writing style. This blog was a way for me to write for an audience as myself but along the way, I discovered more about myself like how much I can research my travel destination in detail (from hotel to transportation to timing...) and how I can obsess over looking for the most reasonable place to stay at without compromising quality. Yeah, I am that picky when it comes to traveling.

I also found out that I wanted to write a blog that wasn't just about me and the stuff that interests me. I wanted a blog that can help people (or make them think) I wanted to share my experience and in doing so, hope that my experiences can be the answer to your questions.

For example: 
Q: How did you move around Osaka?
A: Read my blog. 

Q: Where can I find the best coffee in Bangsar?
A: Read my blog.

You get my point. 

So anyway, happy anniversary to my blog and myself for sticking to this commitment. Of course, I couldn't have been motivated to keep updating if it weren't for my readers. And also to the blogging community who just keeps growing and expanding. Thank you all. I hope my blog has made your day as you have made mine. 

So to celebrate, I am...

...Going to Perth to take part in Tough Mudder. 

Seriously, I don't know why I do this to myself...

Have a great week, peeps!

Ps: I am sorry if there are no special giveaways or party this time round but given time, I'll come up with something huge! Maybe next year...or in five years....

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