Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yuen Buffet Steamboat, Sunway Mentari

Updated 18 Jan 2014: Yuen Steamboat has moved to Zenith Corporate Park, Kelana Jaya as of 15 Jan 2014. For more information, check out
I am a huge fan of buffet steamboat with emphasis on the words: huge and buffet and Yuen Steamboat in Sunway Mentari has been my favourite steamboat indulging spot since my college days. And judging from the numerous blogs that have reviewed this place and the endless scores of people queuing outside at dinner time each time I am there, Yuen is a popular choice of many others too despite being located in the steamboat hot spot that is Sunway Mentari. I guess it pays to be a pioneer of something in this case.  

Yuen Steamboat boasts a wide range of fresh seafood, vegetables, fish balls and meat selection that makes it a popular choice for buffet goers. The crabs and prawns are big and ample and many eaters often go for those to quickly earn their money back. Depleted ingredients are quickly replenished by the ever attentive staffs.

Customers can select from clear soup and/or tom yam soup. I always pick a combination of both and use the clear soup to adjust the spiciness of the tom yam soup just in case. I often start with seafood to allow the flavoring to seep into the soup before adding the foo chuk, fish balls, dumpling and other ingredients. The Tom Yam soup is sufficiently spicy and so delicious that I could slurp on it alone.

While waiting for the food to cook, you can ease your hunger pangs on the fried rice, noodles, kuih and my favourite, coffee jelly. Of course, there is another reason why Yuen is popular and that reason is its honey BBQ chicken wings.

A fresh tray of chicken wings comes out every 15 minutes or so and the moment, the staff (always a Malay lady) is spotted, chairs are shoved back in unison, tongs and plates are grabbed and each table will have one brave candidate brave the hordes of people flocking to the table for the greasy sweet and hot chicken wings. If you are not fast enough, the succulent juicy chickens are always gone in a matter of seconds. Scary.

A friend once said it was good for kiasu training.

Whether it is worth the mad scramble, that is for you to judge. I just like to sit back and make bets. Like Hunger Games.

The endless supply of ice-cream is also a winner for me as they serve the yummiest chocolate chip chocolate ice-cream. I could eat a whole bucket if they allowed me. In true Tania-fashion, I always start my buffet dinner with chocolate ice-cream, break in between dishes with ice-cream and finish with ice-cream. I do love my ice-cream.

Adults can enjoy the buffet at only RM24 while prices for children range from RM8-12 depending on their height. Drinks not included. Yuen Buffet Steamboat is halal and only operates for dinner. While there are three floors of seating, the restaurant is always crowded to the brim and reservations on weekends are recommended, unless you intend to wait 30 minutes to an hour outside the restaurant while salivating over happy people gobbling up their hot steamboat.....

So yeah, always make reservations.  Saves your sanity, tummy and patience.

Address: 32A-1, Jalan PJS 8/6, Mentari Plaza, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, 46150, Selangor
Tel: 03-5637 5825
Operating hours: 5 - 12pm

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