Sunday, May 24, 2015

Viper Arena 2015

After three Viper Challenges, one has to wonder how different can an obstacle challenge get? Well, as many discovered on 23 May 2015, one can get plenty of different with a change of venue. Brought to you by the organisers of Viper Challenge, Viper Arena 2015 took place within and around the concrete walls of Shah Alam Stadium, consisting of a 7km run and 15 obstacles and not without an added twist. It took place well into the evening and overnight.

Once again, my team assembled ourselves, decked out in our orange team shirts sponsored by and gathered at the Shah Alam Stadium on 23 May for the 630pm wave. Registration and bag drop were fast. We were given our bag tags with its number written on our arms. Even before we started, we had to help each other climb over four mini walls just to get to the start line. Waves were released every 5 minutes or so and at the shout of  'Go!', we were off. 

It quickly became clear that this obstacle course was very different from its predecessors. Obstacles came hard and fast. We encountered our first obstacle barely 200meters into the challenge and it was an upward crawl climb on a slippery wet slope. Soon after, we had the sandbag hoist which many of us conquered with the help of our teammates. 

With its lights on, its seats empty and groups of participants running along the stands and on the race track carrying containers of water up and down at 10 meter track, Shah Alam stadium looked and felt different. Running up and down the stairs of the Shah Alam Stadium had a lot of participants panting and walking.
Whenever we came across any walls to scale or weight to carry, coming together to help each other seemed automatic for my team and I am proud of everyone for doing so. We knew our strengths and weaknesses and knew when to step in. While running solo was possible, overcoming an obstacle with the help of your team and helping your friends has its own rewards.

However, there were obstacles that you can only rely on yourself (or rather your inner self) to conquer such as the rope climb. Without the proper technique for rope climbing and upper body to wiggle up the rope, this obstacle was my Everest and despite my few attempts, I never got to the top to ring the damn bell. I was so depressed even after crossing the finish line. This only meant that I needed to train harder to built up my upper body for my next obstacle challenge in June and October.

Despite the lack of trail, it was no easy challenge. Viper Arena required a combination of speed, agility and overall body strength to overcome the course. Having it at night was brilliant as the weather was wonderfully cooling. There were no backlogs this time as the waves were nicely spaced out. I loved and enjoyed every part as it was like a teaser to the Spartan Stadium in October. 

But before that, there is still Viper King of the Mountain in September. Team Huh?! will be back then.

 *This post is based solely on the writer's own experience and opinions. Her entry fee for Viper Arena 2015 was paid for with her own hard earn money. Camera used to capture the photos was an Olympus Tough because it's just that awesome and reliable (not sponsored). Team shirts were sponsored by 

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