Friday, May 22, 2020

[Food Review] Union Artisan Coffee Beans, Cold Brew & Burnt Cheesecake at Home

It will be a while before we can go back to cafe hopping, hunting for cakes and enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee in cosy cafe. Oh, how I've missed those days but unfortunately things are what they are. But fret not if you are missing your burnt cheesecakes and cafe because Union Artisan Coffee can have them delivered right to your doorstep. 
With basque burnt cheesecake taking the world by storm once more, it's no surprise to see it on their cake menu. Yes, thanks to lockdown, everyone can now make it at home but as for me, I've always prefer a single slice of dessert to go alongside my cuppa coffee. Besides, I wouldn't trust myself to turn out the perfect cheesecake for teatime without something going wrong. 

Union's burnt cheesecake (RM16.90) was nicely dense and soft with the right amount of creaminess and sweetness that doesn't overwhelm by the fifth bite of it. While the top of it could stand to have a more "burnt" taste, it doesn't pull attention away from its body which was done just right. Especially when paired with a cup of coffee or cold brew for that afternoon yumcha with my mum. 

Speaking of coffee, I also tried out their Union Blend of beans in my daily morning coffee routine. You will find that coffee is indeed a cornerstone of their business with their beans brought in from all across the world, sourced from Africa, Indonesia and Vietnam and roasted on site to ensure freshness. Its Union Blend was a delightful mix of Guetemala Huehuetenango, Columbia Supremo and Brazil Cerrado, giving it a body and flavour that was easy on the palate and not too acidic. 

On its own, it carried the notes of black berry, dark chocolate and the aftertaste of brown sugar. When added with a splash of milk, the taste changed into one that was nutty, sweet and comforting, reminiscent of milk chocolate with a hint of toffee sweetness. The versatility of these beans makes it one for my books. I know I will definitely be ordering more from Union Artisan Coffee in the future. For 250g, it's RM40 and for 500g, it's RM70. They have two other blends to suit different preferences. 

Their signature cold brews are also worth trying out. With a higher ratio of milk over coffee, the white cold brew was perfect to drink at any hour of the day be it morning or night. Their black and white cold brew are priced at RM13.90 a bottle. 

Now, all I had to do was set my table with my Union burnt Cheesecake, cold brew and Union Blend coffee, freshly brewed from my coffee machine, turn out this playlist on my laptop and voila - it's cafe time at home. 

You can order your burnt cheesecake and coffee fix from Union Artisan Coffee at Union Artisan Coffee is also offer a Buy 1 Free 1 - order any coffee from them and enjoy a slice of cake OR another cup of coffee FOC! Valid only for delivery orders. 

*Delivery fees depends on your address. 

I want to thank Union Artisan Coffee for sending me their burnt cheesecake, cold brew and coffee beans to try for this review. I hope this review had you salivating because I know I was. 

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